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Real Estate & Building Construction

We are designed to meet the basic needs of our client in terms of lands & property acquisition and building construction. We make this possible by providing qualitative but flexible range of cost-effective solution that are suited to meet their budget.

Interior Works & Electrical Installations

We also give you world class interior decorations and designs to help you have a taste of quality at affordable price and world class standard. Contact Us for your Electrical installations and connections any time any day.

Architectural Design & Consultancy

We provide your with state of the art construction designs based on latest model of building construction and industry based standard. You can also consult us for all your building projects to help in the architectural implementation and supervision.

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You can Rely on us to help you make wise decisions when it comes to acquiring landed property, building constructions and so on.

Mission & Vision

To become a leading provider of landed property to low and medium income in Nigeria and beyond. Also to create modalities for individuals and corporate organizations towards property acquisition in Nigeria through payments that spreads in years (INSTALLMENTS)


Why You Should Choose Us

  1. We provides the opportunity, ability and capability Land or property before retirement. 
  2. It ensures that one owns land/property from today as installment payment actualizes.
  3. This is a real estate scheme made ready, designed to fight the efffect of galloping inflation associated with property acquisition

What Our Happy Clients Are Saying About Us

Horizontal Formation System is simply my stand in Real Estate Investment.They just satisfy me with their services. They are simply the best.


Horizontal Formation System must be a Divine Outfit because since i started business with them,they have kept to their words.They meet all their client’s expectation


Horizontal City is so reliable,trustworthy when it comes to real Estate and other transactions.I love Horizontal Formation System Ltd.


I am so happy with Horizontal Formation System. They are really clear and honest with the transactions i have done with them and their properties are free from embarrasment.


We are so happy with Horizontal city estate. We just signed the contract with them for the second year. They are really kind, honest and helpful. They are really clear and precise on all financial related transactions and there is nothing like hidden fee(s) or whatever

Ben G Happy Client

I’m amazed at the ease and level of professionalism exhibited by Horizontal City Estate in getting me a budget friendly property. I am sure i will soon contact the firm again for another Property

Ayo Bakare Happy Client
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